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is all about pet monkey ownership and girls of Facebook naked self shot images . its a vintage website that has been around for years back in the dot com booming days this site was about la pimps using cocaine to enslave whores to work the sex trade on the streets of Compton then morphed into a celebrities blog with girls mirror nude images posted along side stories of

Rich Kids Owning Pet Monkeys.

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Girls Nude on Facebook in public Nude Selfies posted of Nude Girls on Facebook what a life getting high all day and posting selfies on Twitter and Tumblr and shit its a fucking trip wel I guess its almost legal to smoke pot so why are these smoking hot teens getting kicked off facebook for post this self shot images . I think sexy young girls should be able to post sex selfies taking during the act of fucking or sucking 

Facebook slut or just real proud ? facebook girls naked I am glad i got kick off facebook so what i was getting nude selfies desperate chicks sexting me these pictures like booty calls to come over and fuck them but I am marry with children and my wife gets madd when I go and fuck my old girl friends it kind of rude yea know girl on facebook several time. like the honey badger girls nude on facebook  to nude facebook i do dig the new trend of selfies or self shot nude photos yea that rocks from facebook

Doing the research for the web piece I found a wealth of information there are shit tons of nsfw images on the social media giant that booted me straight kicked my as off the face-book island. / Girls Nude on Facebook and free media seen here Nude Girl on Facebook its happens all the time women posting nude self shot images of social media sites might as well tackle the giant first.
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