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Okay, so I adore taking selfys. There is just a little something about it, taking an excellent selfies is instantaneous facebook profile status, you recognize? I use to take them just in the mirror in my shower room but then … well that is sort of lackluster, you know? So I go around to communal places doing these selfys in all these “amazing” positions.

its all about who you know and how many bands you saw last night and bottle service and being on instagram has it draw backs i got laid from facebook i made t-shirts about it and gave them away to my real friends

So is this a problem? I think so and then I do not at the same time. After all, doing selfies by yourself is not nearly as sticky as ceasing with your pals and asking them to take images of you at various locations. Particularly when you know if you want your image to look awesome you can not just look into the digital camera. Looking into the camera kills the image! You got to avert, evaluate an angle, look metrical, deep and amazing. That is how you do a dependable self shot bullshit  It is probably a bad habit. You know how unpleasant it is to just drop in the middle of the plaza, o r on some wall and accomplish this awkward self shot of myself? I get a plenty of looks. Because it can not just be ANY selfys. No my selfys need to be grand, they need to be amazing, they need to prove my imagination and my impressive self esteem that scorchings like a never ever setting sunlight

January 26, 2015

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