Selfys that killed in 2014 is a selfie site that straight up kicked ass in 2014 a well oiled anal sex self shot generation  just get a new camera and start taking off the clothes you just put on and take some more reflective pictures and post them online as fast as you can . you wont look that great ever again


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asian nude self shot pictures is about Posting Selfies online .so Please Dont Get Pissed We See Killer Naked Selfies Posted online so we Rip Them and repost them thats our way of sharing is caring.We Dont Mean any Harm By Posting Your Nude Images online I am Sorry if you got fired lots of images end up on Google Image Serches Because there Bad ass Pictures of the webs hottest babes giving it up goo times.we got this great video from this chick I wish I knew her name she sent us this video so we have posted it on you tube and here for the worlfd to see. And she would probably kick my ass. If she could get away but I think I got a shot with her I could win her over with charm skills money and my good she will have to stay pissed but what a great video please steel it.also above are three links to my newest site project in working on.

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Selfys are Self Shot Sex Texting type Photos Always posted online and that makes them Fair Game so if you get Naked and use your Iphone to Take Nude Self Shot PIX & Upload to Facebook. That’s your Bad Girl the Nude Selfies are Fair Game so Game On Naked Girls Thanks for the Pictures Send Money Next Time.

I get a tweet that says

“ dude pull that naked selfie of me off the banner of your stupid selfy web site “

later she sent this instagram photo holding the pathetic sign is about posting other people dumbass moves or more specific nude selfys found floating around. And if your naked selfys are on the web and they rank high them well probably post them here and with selfy pride.

Selfys nude or naked online are fair game finders keepers of selfys.

And as far as Susan Dunn Buy The Web site from me and you can post pictures of me or what ever.







January 15, 2015

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