Snoring Video

Back in 2001

at a mini house party i shot the video of a dude sleeping during a playoff game. it looked like he was ready to watch the big game that night but i came along and screwed it up by shooting this you tube instant classic video of a guy snoring during a party and no one was hurt during the making of this video he never woke up i left he was still snoring and those retro chicks were talking up a storm like a little thunder storm down in Dallas back in the day. notice nobody looking at there phone and tweeting about the dude snoring in the middle up the party. things in 2001

where cool like that.

basically bubble gum porn site

this you tube thing  is great should have posted this back in 2001 but i have been really busy doing shit .but i thought that this was a slice of video heaven and insted of sending it to hell in a hand basket i thought the internet and you tube would be a great resting place for such a video and since its all original content that i created i thought well its not porn for a change and what a refreshing change it has been posting a non porn related video on a nude self shot image blog basically bubble gum porn site some dude sleeping during a festive get together missing the whole game.

















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