Stop Tipping Waiters

Waiters suck and don’t deserve shit

stop tipping waiters

latex waiters


i made a web site to help waiters get better jobs and high wages

they shit on me. so i got loaded and started a porn site about latex fetish sex and photos of latex bitches getting fucked in latex so fuck waiters and there stupid little lives i am into latex sex and bondage now no more tips i have played that game long enuff. i am no longer tipping waiters.

uniforms of latex

latex uniforms


Don’t believe the hype stop tipping.

but no one fucking cared i am into pvc and latex

do you feel me i have live many lives but the new skin latex provides me is sick as shit.just like waiters. that’s the short we change it re-birthed the website into a porn photo posting  we love and people care about. i care about bitches in latex not waiters waiters suck so i no longer tip . fuck them too.

Disgusted Beyond Belief

the web site ask this question – this is much better than when the site was about waiters and there stupid fucking jobs . right? do any one get a table waiting postion no but i got a blowjob in a van from a waitress in latex so i changed the web spot to reflect something a cared about some thing original and dear to me porn. latex bondage sick shit . i figured if you are going there go all the way so latex thats the ticket. buy the ticket take the ride . hunter s Thompson said it in one of his books not that i read fucking books i don’t even tip waitstaff why read books. it started off as a web site to help the cute little waiters but as i got close to them a smelled the hated i learned of there culture and i was and still am disgusted beyond belief .

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