Nude Selfie Guru Birth Place

Nude Selfies

are Pictures taken by Nude Girls of them Selves and posted online.

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i built this city on self shot images .

selfys it took awhile to gain momentum but as the thrust of technoigy push into mother earth the throbbing continued and as a massive group known as society we took more and more self shot pictures the the super flow of apps and the utter blast in the market for apple and it iphone and the must have factor along with a million more that i will surly cover in the description of this journey to 100 web sites and for the history of the Nude Selfie Guru and these amazing websites and like we have been ask whats it all for its for giving back making something that matters a slice of time the history of selfies the

nude self shot revolution .

if you are going to go through all the trouble of piercing your sweet tits then you are sure as hell gonna use your new iPhone 7 to take bathroom private boobie pictures and send them to your boy friend ex boyfriend what ever who yes who yes he did post your nude photos online and then so on and so on kicked in and there you have it the birth place of the naked mirror shot revolution starting all over the fucking world all at the same time like a global tribe of fuck monkeys. the the kings horses and all of his men cant take it back the pictures will be floating around the internet for longer than you will be able to bitch about it and why because you look that good naked girls looking this good nude should stay that way. and i am proud to be the nude selfie guru and im happy to still be alive to tell my story. thanks for coming to my website.

January 12, 2015

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